Immersion is our number one goal when designing custom escape room designs at Immersive Tech. Be it a murder mystery, haunted mansion or secret laboratory, you want players to feel like they're actually there when they step through your doors.

Much like Harry Potter believes he is in Hogwarts the moment he steps through the train station, our escape room designers aim for the same feeling in every experience we create.


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I’ll start by saying that I’ve owned escape room companies since 2014.
Furthermore, I design, create and build escape room games for myself and other escape room companies all over the world. I mention this because it’s very important to know that with my following review.
It’s difficult to impress me with escape rooms. Nevertheless, we had a great time at Guess HQ.
The staff was friendly, informative, knowledgeable and attentive.
Don’t miss playing a game here! The set design is spectacular!
We played a total of 18 escape room games in three days while in Vancouver and Guess HQ is at the top of our list.
We played both the Heist and Depth. My favorite was the Depth, it had components that I’ve never experienced. Don’t get me wrong, the Heist is outstanding as well. You’ll be quite pleased with any game you choose to experience at Guess HQ.
— AJ Hughes


Just telling a good story is just one part of creating a truly immersive escape room design. Our escape room designers work with movie and play set builders to build believable rooms that allow players to easily immerse themselves in the narrative. The easier it is for suspension of belief, the better the player experience.


When it comes to designing experiences for humans, game designers from the video game industry have had decades to hone their craft through creating countless examples of truly fun games. For this reason all our escape room designers have worked in the video game industry and shipped commercial titles.

Edge cases, group involvement and intuitive design all go into the escape rooms we design using game development processes and methodologies.



This is the guiding philosophy behind every decision we make when we create our experiences. Be it an abandoned office, or a high tech alien spaceship, players will understand and most importantly, accept without question what they see.

This is the next level of the escape room experience, where you can truly escape from the real world into one full of challenges, triumph, and adventure.

I heard this was the place to go, so I decided to come check the place out for my birthday. I consider myself some what of an escape room connoisseur, and WOW, THIS PLACE IS AWESOME. The room was done really well, it didn’t feel like they cheaped out at all. The puzzles were all well-integrated into the theme of the game. It was a very immersive experience.
— Daisy Y.
By far the best “escape room” in the Lower Mainland. The two rooms offer more realistic tasks and goals instead of the strange logic/puzzles offered by others. A must do for the adventure lovers! Can’t wait for the third room to open later this year.
— Kyle Tiney


With a team drawing upon years of electronic, mechanical and robotics engineering, we apply a huge variety of technologies to create the best experiences possible with our escape room puzzles and props. Our escape room designs incorporate pneumatics, arduinos, hydraulics, photo eye lasers, digital interfaces, and tie them all together using custom coded software to intelligently know when to activate them. 


If you've already sourced or created your own escape room game design, we offer hourly consulting with our escape room designers to review your designs, edit documentation and ensure that it allows construction to stay true to the original vision. We'll also identify areas of potential confusion for players, and any optimizations we see to improve the design and game flow.