Concept and Game Design for Escape Room Design

Our process involves first creating the complete escape room design development plan and designing the escape room concept, layout, gameplay and puzzles in cooperation with you. We'll be using tried and tested video game development methodologies adapted for escape room design. When coming up with your escape room designs, we consider things like:

  • A diverse set of themes for you to select your favourites.
  • Budget constraints when selecting technology to be used.
  • Level design to best use available space.

Outside of extreme cases, all spaces have the potential to be highly immersive as we design based on what your resources are. For example, if you have only 500 sq ft then it's likely we won't divide it up 6 ways and call it a castle–we'll suggest a theme where the space available to the player makes sense and won't conflict with immersion.

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Detailed Schematic Design and Technology for Escape Room Design

Together with you and the local contractor (that we can help you hire), we'll refine the approved conceptual design for the escape room designs further developing the facility and expansion planning. These will be the bones of your escape room, including things like:

  • Electrical Schematics for all Equipment
  • Hardware  Locations, Utility Loads and Theming Considerations
  • Coordinating and Diagrams of Control Systems
  • Outline and specifications for an estimate of probable cost.

All of the documentation created in this phase will be extremely specific and clear to ensure design meets production as envisioned. We know what goes into the production of an escape room, so we'll ensure you have what you need to do the same.

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Design Coordination And Construction Documentation

With the completion of PHASE 2, we will prepare Detailed Design documents, coordinating with key vendors, for escape room, and escape room mechanical systems. We can be your design and engineer savvy project manager, and be there every step of the way to make sure things are done right until completion. Including but not limited to:

  • Ensuring our specifications, drawings and plans are understood perfectly when production begins for the rooms.
  • Resolving design discrepancies to realign with design intent.
  • Ongoing communications with third parties, and managing your expectations as well. 
  • Implementation of technology and puzzles will be examined and monitored.
  • Testing processes upon completion to make sure everything works as it should.

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On Site Construction Supervision

This PHASE is very similar to PHASE 3. In this situation however, our team will be on site and available for meetings and oversee construction as necessary. This will be an additional cost to the other PHASES but may be what you need if your timeline is short and you want to mitigate any risks that may occur.

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