The spark for Immersive Tech came back in early 2014; after trying a few of the new escape rooms a conversation was had about how the experience could have been a lot better, more intuitive and more immersive. More novel than enjoyable, we decided the bar could be set much higher for interactive experiences if we combined our talents and skills as an all-encompassing group.

The result is a powerhouse of expertise and experience in managing million dollar builds and creating experiences for tens of millions across the world. 



Chief Executive Officer

Jeff Jang is a designer and entrepreneur with a portfolio of work for popular television series Continuum, Heartland, La Franchise and movie Spy Kids 4, as well as a recipient of the 2015 BCBusiness Top 30 under 30 award. At V2 Games he was Art Director for a number of projects, including the popular Pac-Man Bounce which has seen over 10M downloads globally, and formed partnerships with Microsoft Canada, Blackberry Canada, and several local non-profits. His background in creating experiences for a diverse audience over the years has led to a very critical but informed eye for what is intuitive and enjoyable.

With an uncompromising perspective for detail and aesthetics, Jeff is relentless in 'leaving no stone unturned' when it comes to bringing a vision to reality in all aspects.



Chief Operating Officer

Adrian Duke is the co-founder of Skyturtle Technologies Ltd., an innovative waterslide design firm that has 16 patents pending and is currently building record-breaking water slides around the globe. A recipient of the 2015 BCBusiness Top 30 under 30 award, he has secured a manufacturing and distribution contract with Avalanche Waterslides, one of the largest firms building waterslides for over 20 years. His latest success is the world record-breaking waterslide called "Sky Caliber", the world's first vertically looping freefall waterslide, and has already sold to a number of waterparks in the United States.

With his extensive experience managing large scale builds both onsite and remotely, Adrian executes flawlessly when it comes to implementation of custom designs and technology.



Automation Expert

Lance is a Certified Applied Science Technologist, Certified Solidworks Professional, Certified Device Net Programmer, and alumni of BCIT’s mechatronics & robotics program, with a specialty in mechanical system design. He has designed 2 of the top 3 rides in the world, both winners of IAAPA Ride of the Year, and holds 4 patents, with 16 pending, in the water park industry. His latest creation, Skycaliber, has generated international attention as the worlds first water slide with a vertical freefall and completely vertical loop.

Andrew Myers

Lead Game Designer

Andrew comes from an extensive background in mobile game design working in Vancouver for over 10 years, his shipped titles have amassed more than 15M downloads worldwide, including Pac-Man Bounce and Drone: Shadow Strike. Using his game design experience and listening to his wise beard, he strives to push the boundaries of immersive escape room experiences in the physical world that everyone can enjoy.



Project Manager

Ishani Birch is a Project Manager with a Game Design Background. After designing her first game at age 9 she went on to get a Game Design Diploma from Vancouver Film School, where she worked on two games, BloodMage and Teto, as a Project Manager and Game Designer. Both games were nominated for the Best Game Design award. 


Joel Cappelleto

Game Designer

Joel is an experienced game designer and a 12 Year veteran of the videogame industry, working on AAA projects at both Microsoft and Electronic Arts. These include titles such as Gears of War 4, Mass Effect 2, Dragon Age 2, and FIFA Soccer. A lifelong musician and composer, he also brings a strong affinity for music and audio design to the team.




Daniel is a gameplay programmer, with a passion for video games, math and logic. He has participated in Math Olympics in Venezuela where he has been rewarded with 6 medals including silver medal at national level. Daniel graduated from Vancouver Film School and received an award for "Excellence in Architecture" with his game Proto being awarded Best Final Game.


Rebecca burks

Set Designer

Rebecca is a set designer with a BFA in Theatre Production from UBC. She has expertise in drafting, carpentry, welding, sewing, scenic painting, and sculpting all stemming from a passion in artistic design. Her designs and builds have been used by multiple companies around Vancouver including UBC Opera, Vancouver Opera, UBC Theatre, Pacific Theatre, and Bard on the Beach. 



Game Designer

Carlos is a Game Designer and Writer wrapped into one. He sees games as cutting edge storytelling tools, and strives to create exciting narrative adventures in every game he works on. With experience working in Mobile, PC, and Web gaming, he takes every platform as a chance to engage players in ways they've never seen before."