Every escape room is different, so the following prices are estimates. We'll work together with you to figure out what makes sense for your project. 

We do not directly provide construction services, but will work with a trusted partner in our area a local contractor in yours for cost savings and faster turnaround. Whatever we design for you will be made to match your construction budget.

*All Prices are in USD




We want to help you deliver an incredible experience, and also to build a long lasting partnership to help you grow even more. To do that, we've put together first time Immersive Tech customer discounts.



off your first project with us. This could be a full escape room, game design, engineering or just consultation work. It's on us.



off if you buy more than one escape room with us. This will apply to the first and subsequent escape rooms. If you plan on integrating technology into your rooms, cost-savings could be had through having the rooms share some of the hardware.



400-1500 sq ft, 45-60 minutes

Each of the following three options can be purchased all at once, or separately. If you have a team with engineering expertise, maybe you just need a game design. If you have a game design already, we can do the schematics and drawings for all the tech.

If you need something slightly different, feel free to contact us.


Prices starting at:



This is where we create the world that will be your escape room. Narrative, interactions, game flow and puzzles are all created by our experienced game and level designers. Much more than just creating puzzles to place in a room, we make sure every part of the experience makes sense and is an adventure.

What You Get

We'll provide you all necessary documentation, including but not limited to game design documents, layout, list of props and theme references so you'll be able to use them for construction.


1-2 Months


$5,000 - $30,000

If you want to integrate technology into your room, you need an engineer. Things like magnetic locks, pneumatics, lasers, sensors, pressure plates, will be designed, programmed and created by our best in class engineers with exact details and specifications necessary. We can add the magic to your room that brings it to life with custom programming and game logic.

What You Get

You'll get complete schematics, floor plans, and diagrams of every prop and and piece of technology that we design into your room. We will make sure every piece of tech that has programming is ready to go for easy installation.

*Cost of hardware is additional


1-2 Months



If you don't want to purchase a full room design or need any engineering, you can still have our team consult with you on an hourly basis. If you need someone to talk to a potential prop builder to make sure they'll meet your requirements, we can be that third party in the conversation with you. Need someone to be the bad cop to your construction crew? We can do that. 

What You Get

Our designers and engineers will provide their suggestions and advice based on what you need help with. They won't however do any actual designing or engineering, but if your electrician has a concerning setup in mind we can point that out for you.