Submerged Maui is a technology-driven adventure set in the deep sea between the islands Maui and Lanai. Tasked with retrieving Pele's Stone, an ancient relic, the players are the elite task for Maui Five-O who will need to bypass ancient temple puzzles and modern obstacles left behind by an evil mercenary group that tried to do the same in the past but failed.

Due to constraints around modifications to the existing walls and flooring, we had to come up with a solution that would involve installing a room within the room, thereby avoiding any permanent changes to the space. Using our patent-pending floor system we were able to route air, data and power to all parts of the room and hide all wiring to the props.



Utilized our patent-pending floor system with air, data, and power


In the Wailea Beach Resort in Marriott, Maui


Room had to be standalone and not change existing room structure