New Permanent Installation at the BC Sports Hall of Fame!


We’re pleased to announce our latest project at the BC Sports Hall of Fame, where we worked together with their team to craft a unique and permanent installation to their museum for their new Indigenous Sports Gallery.

As the museum sees a diverse mix of guests including families, tourists and school tours, we decided that minimizing physical touch as much as possible while still being highly reactive to participant input would be a core focus in order to ensure the longevity of the exhibit. Utilizing the Leap Motion controller, we were able to create an experience that required no physical touch while still being highly interactive.

The result is a content and feature rich experience that lets participants get up close, digitally, with the great Indigenous athletes of the past and today, learn new facts and be prompted to visit other parts of the museum.


Working with the Immersive Tech team on a new digital interactive game for our new Indigenous Sport Gallery was an entirely positive experience from beginning to end. The high quality of work and the delivery of an eye-catching and entertaining game in an incredibly tight time frame was impressive to say the least. We wouldn’t hesitate to work with Immersive Tech again in the future and would certainly recommend them to other organizations.
— Jason Beck, Curator and Facility Director at the BC Sports Hall of Fame


Making museums interactive is something we at Immersive Tech enjoy quite a bit as it’s often underappreciated how much content, knowledge and history is contained within their walls. Leveraging technology is a great and forward-thinking approach to both make things more accessible and speak to today’s generation. Contact us today for an interactive museum exhibit or installation.


Jeff Jang

Jeff Jang is the CEO and founder of the design studio Immersive Tech, which specializes in escape room design and real world interactive experiences.

A graphic designer by education, he has spent the better part of the last decade designing and creating experiences for television series like Continuum, Heartland, movies like Spy Kids 4 and iconic franchises like Pac-Man.

If you’re looking for a high quality game design backed by industry experience and methodologies, visit his website for a custom quote today.