Immersive Tech gets involved with Augmented Reality at TED 2018!

We couldn't record inside TED 2018 but the above video is a demonstration at Vancouver's Launch Academy.

Augmented, virtual and mixed reality is a rapidly growing industry and the immersive nature of each one aligns perfectly with the roadmap Immersive Tech will be diving into more and more.

In partnership with the VRAR Association, Shape Immersive, VRSquare, Nano3 Labs and Steampunk Digital, Immersive Tech custom built a topographically accurate model of the Grand Canyon to be used as a base for a mixed reality experience demonstration at TED 2018 in Vancouver.


To quote our partner Alex Chuang:

First, we used the topography data from Google Maps to create a physical and digital replica of the Grand Canyon. Then we aligned the digital replica to the physical one, locking in placement a digital set of virtual objects.

The digital canyon replica is removed so it looks like the virtual objects are interacting with the physical canyon replica. The scan of the physical set piece and the surrounding area gives the camera a precise understanding of the environment, so that the small flying saucer can dart in and around the canyon walls, shadows can accurately play and cast, and the creature's ancient gates can stay firmly locked in place. The result of this methodology is a seamless, 360-degree mixed reality experience.


The line between the digital realm and reality is blurring more and more and at Immersive Tech we're excited to start utilize the latest technologies in our immersive experiences. Stay tuned!

Jeff Jang

Jeff Jang is the CEO and founder of the design studio Immersive Tech, which specializes in escape room design and real world interactive experiences.

A graphic designer by education, he has spent the better part of the last decade designing and creating experiences for television series like Continuum, Heartland, movies like Spy Kids 4 and iconic franchises like Pac-Man.

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