Breaking Through Impossible - A Leaps by Bayer Escape Room Experience


When multinational pharmaceutical and life sciences company Bayer reached out to the team at Immersive Tech we began one of our most ambitious projects to date. Focusing on the Leaps by Bayer initiative aiming at “conquering ten huge challenges facing humanity”, with emphasis placed on the realization of cures for rare and life-threatening conditions such as blood disorders and cancers; the repair of damaged organs; optimization of agriculture and aquature; and neurological and degenerative diseases; well, it was safe to say that we had our work cut out for us.

Never deterred by a challenge, the Immersive Tech team launched into our discovery conversations with members of Leaps by Bayer to determine scope, difficulty, and opportunity.

The result: Breaking Through Impossible.


An immersive environment like none before it: built into a 40’ shipping container, this 3-room experience (additional 1 for storage and operations) challenges players to enter an undersea laboratory off the coast of California in Monterey Bay where, for years, scientists have been researching Leapsinella Luminex, a specialized compound that has proven successful in combating some of the deadliest cancers affecting people around the world.


To inspire a sense of urgency, there is, of course, a catch to this tale that leverages modern scientific principles such as gene editing, undersea exploration, and conservative efforts in aquaculture. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Now, the problem:

A close proximity earthquake has caused extensive damage to the lab, destroying the only viable sample of the potential medicine while also requiring an emergency evacuation.

Players for the Breaking Through Impossible experience must navigate through the lab and collect a new sample of Leapsinella luminex before the oxygen runs out and the years of research is lost to the harsh depths.


With a leaderboard recording the progress, this has been one of the most intense experiences we have been involved with -- and a timeline that required the sort of diligence the Immersive Tech team is known for, we’re confident players will have plenty of awe-inspiring moments when they enter this fantastic and fascinating experience.


We’re in the process of editing together a highlight video documenting the project, so stay tuned for a new update!

Jeff Jang

Jeff Jang is the CEO and founder of the design studio Immersive Tech, which specializes in escape room design and real world interactive experiences.

A graphic designer by education, he has spent the better part of the last decade designing and creating experiences for television series like Continuum, Heartland, movies like Spy Kids 4 and iconic franchises like Pac-Man.

If you’re looking for a high quality game design backed by industry experience and methodologies, visit his website for a custom quote today.