We’ve really enjoyed working with Immersive Tech—they’ve been incredibly easy to work with. The quality of the fabrication has been amazing, they’ve been really responsive in terms of adjusting the design for the 100 people that are doing the experience. Overall it’s been a great experience and I’ve enjoyed working with them.

— Melanie Davis, Director of Enterprise Learning Solutions | Intel

Jeff and Adrian. Great job! I heard such good feedback from people who went through the experience. They really enjoyed the game, puzzles and the spirit of competition. You guys have been great to work with from the very beginning. Thanks so much for your partnership with this and helping us realize the vision. A+++!

— Ryan Lynn, VP Emerging Architecture | Trace3

After going to this escape room conference- seeing escape rooms and playing the “number one escape room in Washington DC” I am so thankful we found you guys and our room has turned out the way it has! It is so much more AWESOME compared to everything I have seen this past week!!! And no I am not being biased because I love the room we made. I cannot express how grateful I am that I found you guys and went with you! Thank you so much for all of you guys wonderful brain power!

— Larissa M. | Mountain Time Escape Rooms